ULTRA Level 30/31 GEN 2 Pokémon Go Accounts by PokéWerkz **NEW IN STOCK**

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Get a head-start with an ULTRA Pokémon Go Level 30/31 GEN 2 account that can take months to reach!

✰ Survived recent ban waves since 04/2017



✰ Contains 100% IV Pokémon guaranteed!

✰ Contains Pokémon such as Dragonite and Tyranitar manually sniped!

✰ Contains 2ND-GEN Pokémon!!

✰ May contain Ultra-Rare Pokémon or Regional Exclusives!

✰ Perfected configurations for high amounts of candies, Stardust and IV levels!

✰ All of the accounts have upwards of 400k+ Stardust!

✰ None of the accounts have ever been banned in any way!

✰ You can change your character name!

✰ You can choose your team!

✰ Don’t be scammed by inferior *cheap* accounts

✰ Remember, you get what you pay for. Our quality is unmatched.

✰ PokéWerkz ULTRA Level 30/31 - GEN 2 Pokémon Go PTC Account (Example- Not Evolved) SCREENSHOT GALLERY [CLICK HERE]

✰ PokéWerkz ULTRA Level 30/31 GEN 2 - Pokémon Go PTC Account (Example- Not Evolved) EXAMPLE STATS [CLICK HERE]

✰ Service and support is proudly offered via GMail, Skype, Discord and any other messaging systems upon request, once purchased. We offer some of the best service available anywhere!

✰ We strive to provide 24/7 customer service. Accounts will be delivered INSTANTLY after purchase!

The account is a PTC account. Upon purchase you will be given the username and password immediately after the check-out process, as well as by email!


Q. How do I get my account details, once I make a purchase?

A. After you go through the purchase process, you will instantly receive an email providing the login details for your new PTC account. Account details are provided as follow: [Username]:[Password] - [CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE]

Q. I did not receive an email!

A. Please check your spam folder for an email from noreply@selz.com. If the problem is not resolved, contact us right away and we will respond ASAP! You can reach us via Email/Skype: sales@pokéwerkz.com.

Q. Account appears to be new?

A. Finish the beginning customization process and it will be updated!

Q. How do I change my PTC Account password?

A. You must visit and login here: Pokémon Trainer Club website

Q. My account is at Level one!

A. Please finish the introduction and your account will instantly become your appropriate level. This means choosing your name, appearance and starter Pokémon.


A 24-Hour Warranty is offered on this PTC Account. Due to the nature of this sale, refunds and exchanges are only offered on accounts that: do not work at time of purchase, have incorrect info, or account is not as described. Refunds will not be issued if the account is not working or is lost due to buyer's own actions such as botting. There is also no warranty if an account is banned in the future, after the initial 24-Hour Warranty period.

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT change/set your Nickname or choose a Team unless you are 100% satisfied with your account. If you choose a Team or change the Nickname on the account, you will VOID THE WARRANTY.

UPDATE (SLASHED POKEMON ACCOUNTS) 12/24/2017: Due to Niantic's aggressive bot detection efforts, we have expanded our warranty:

In addition to the above, if your account happens to get SLASHED pokemons within 24-Hours of purchase, we will refund 50% of the purchase price.

With approximately 800-1000 Dratini & Larvitar Candies, tons of Stardust and at Level 30/31, even with SLASHED Pokemons these accounts are of huge value and you will never find these accounts anywhere else, ever again.